• What's wrong with you
    What's wrong with me,
    Stop drawing me in,
    it hurts can't you see?

    I said I'd stop,
    I said I was over you
    but can't you see through
    blatant lies I say for you?

    I don' t know you at all
    you're a complete stranger
    I know of the risks
    and also of the danger

    But it gets me so high
    the thrill of your words
    How you think what I say
    is oh-so absurd

    Your play-it-cool attitude
    has got me so desperate
    I hate myself right now
    But i want this to be our little secret

    You don't even care
    that I dropped you so hard
    I'm just another girl to you
    Another crappy card

    I want you to take me back
    to catch me as I go
    Is that too much to ask for?
    to stay with me like so?

    But with no word from you
    as i check my phone
    every moment of the day
    I feel so alone

    I wish you'd say you hated me
    because doesn't everyone realize
    that hate is better than nothing
    because you're still in his eyes?

    So what's wrong with you
    for drawing me in
    like a freakin' magnet
    With your sadistic grin

    I want to live a normal life
    without thoughts of you
    I want to meet a normal guy
    but can it ever be true?