• Enemies at the door as my friends crowd around. and the only sound is my breathing, an intake of breath that slows as it starts leaving.
    Then the silence dissipates, when the door breaks and the chaos it creates. Then I see nothing, I stop running and look away.
    I smile and you slip the knife, that ends my life in my back, you have a knack for making me never feel for once. OK.
    I drop to my knees, wondering if people would be so appalled if they believe what I could see so clearly.
    Now I stop wondering what when and how, It matters even less when I look at it now. To get shut out, you eventually forget what this was even about.
    So blink, and falter under what everyone else says and may think, my heart sinks.
    Show no expression, Show no useless shouts of aggression, its not like the pain will lessen so why try.
    Its sad that you only remembered me while I was gone, its sad that only then was when you cry