• As the road stretches ever on,
    As our friends go their separate ways,
    What once was many now is one
    And we remember many cherished days.
    The sun has risen and it has set
    The countless colors of our past
    Stay forever since we have met
    Wishing that this would always last.
    There is only so much to say.
    There is only so little time.
    Sometimes I wonder if I could stay
    With you all for my every dime.
    Forget the tears, forget the cries!
    Forget it please! Forget it now!
    As the echo slowly dies,
    I will always wonder how
    You could say it, don’t say it please.
    Don’t say goodbye, don’t say farewell
    I will cross all the seas
    Even the very depths of hell.
    Just give me reason, give me peace.
    Tell me our hope will never die
    Tell me before my breath will cease
    That you remember it’s not goodbye.
    I’ll see you all again someday
    I’ll miss you all, I always may.