• Run, run, follow your dreams,
    Into the light of that faraway sun.
    You'll regret it if you stay behind,
    So run forever. Run.

    Blurs of moments, bits of words,
    Stop and smell the roses.
    They're living here with bees and birds-
    -watch the door! ...it closes.

    Success is always bittersweet
    Unless you don't succeed.
    You're always failing. Miss a beat,
    And all you'll do is bleed.

    You came so far but now it's gone,
    The prize you almost won.
    You work and work from dusk 'til dawn,
    But the damage has been done.

    Nothing left, nothing in reach,
    As far as you can tell.
    You tried to reach for Heaven,
    But ended up in Hell.

    Now sleep and dream of better days
    Before you left your soul.
    Before you ran off, wild and crazed,
    But never reached your goal.