• Suffering the pain that life brings
    Taking it alone no one cares anymore
    You are alone in this sad reality
    To fight against the blackness of death
    You hate your life
    But you don’t want to hurt the ones who don’t care
    Because you know if you left the world then they will be hurt
    You bare it until you scream and cry
    Then you isolate yourself deep in your cold mind
    Listening to the labored heart beats
    Wishing they would just stop
    You despise the normal children
    They get everything while you get nothing
    Finally you fall
    Farther than you ever fell before
    You can’t take it anymore
    It has to end for you and your lifeless body
    You spill your blood where everyone can see
    You want to watch their faces as you slit your arms
    You want to see them try to bring you back
    But it is hopeless as your blood spills
    You are happy
    Finally you will be leaving the torture of your life