• We're each our own and that is all,
    Don't have to answer to anyone's call,
    Don't have to form to what they might want.
    Conformity ends in hurt, more often than not

    We should all feel free to be ourselves,
    To break free from our protective shells,
    To rise against the urge to fit in,
    If that means hiding what's within.

    In the end we all find our place in this life.
    There's always someone else who shares your strife.
    Always at least one who shares common interests.
    Life is more than what society suggests.

    Where do we get by living a lie?
    By living our lives in society's eye?
    There's no happiness in hiding,
    No success in subsiding.

    Stand up, speak out, make your voice known.
    Express who you are, don't be a clone.
    We're all unique and shouldn't be afraid to stand,
    To rise against the normal, to grow and expand.

    To live our lives without persecution,
    To put the world through revolution.
    Each new generation has something to be proud of.
    So gather your strengths, struggle through, and rise above.

    Don't let others bring you down
    Don't let yourself be one to drown.
    Leave your enemies and ridicule behind.
    And venture out, there's so much to find.

    You'll move on, and become something more
    As they stay behind, the same as before.
    Difference is what makes us strong.
    The force that will take you to where you belong.