• that was tight but look

    yo motha ******** so u think u bad,

    u neek to get a motha ******** writin pad,

    take notes cause im about to destroy you,

    and this s**t here is way overdue,

    homie this s**t here is my life,

    imma open this up like a switch blade knife,

    i hope u will learn somthing today,

    i leave people in a disarray,

    this s**t right here is unfair,

    im so gifted and and my talent is very rare,

    u never seen this s**t so clean,

    to measure the damage on u we will need a machine,

    cause its just sad all this s**t im doint to you,

    battelin me is somethin like taboo,

    cause i will massacure you just like jason or freddy,

    im comin at ya and i dont care if ur ready,