• I am who I am
    I don't care what you think
    I am proud to be who I am
    at first I was scared
    I didn't understand,
    Why didn't I like the boys that every one had paired me with
    Why were they cute to me
    Not hot
    Why didn't I want them to touch me
    to kiss me
    to even come close to holding me
    but then...
    When I was around her,
    when I was around the girl
    I would crave to feel of her skin under my fingers
    I would long to lean over and kiss her
    but I couldn't I was scared
    I had always been told how bad those feelings were
    how they would make me go to hell
    how if I loved anybody of the same sex,
    I would forever burn in hell
    and have no chance for redemption
    but it hurt, the feeling of loving her
    and that's what it was,
    not lust
    not a want for attention
    not a need to be different
    no, what I felt
    what I still feel as love,
    nothing less, and maybe something more
    it was the slight tug at my heart when she was around
    it was the craving for her to hold my hand
    the want for her heat
    the craving for her arm over my back
    or resting on my hip around my waist
    you may think this to be made up
    you may think this to be stupid disgusting or impure
    but I don't believe that, not for a second
    this is the most true pure thing Ive felt by far in my life
    I don't care what you think, I am PROUD.