• Struggling and fighting,
    In a 'semblance of reality,
    all of them crying and dying
    for the melancholy of their deity.

    None of them realize
    this life is only a dream,
    even through their suffering, their lying,
    they take it patiently and never scream.

    My ignorant family,
    you never dare ask
    "what if?", though so freely
    you hide behind that mask.

    Would you not knock?
    Rap ever so slightly,
    any of this flock,
    on the door of death, you deem so ghastly?

    Do you not desire
    something more, something above
    from this existence do you not tire?
    Do you not desire to fly freely like a dove?

    Sticking to your laws
    labeling all else as blasphemy,
    in unbelief raising your claws
    as your ancestors to alchemy.

    Sometimes I hope
    I could live oblivious to the truth,
    looking through a kaleidoscope,
    as you do, worldly youth.

    Though that shall never be!
    My eyes shall remain open
    for all of eternity,
    staring at the you that is broken.

    Until I wake up from this dream
    walking through death’s sacred door
    with life over it seems
    I will truly smile, all the way to my core...