• Breathe in and I will carry you away
    into the clear waters and velvet undersea
    and we will stir the reflections
    and watch them rejoin where i live
    The soundless reproductions of peace
    trying so hard to be what they are not,
    I seem to spend the warmest thoughts
    alone, asleep and dreaming of you.
    My life among this reflection
    can be so sad when the tide is out
    with the echo of the stranded, crying.
    Just wishing I could have stayed
    so I could make a hook at the shore
    and fish you from your fake world,
    but you aren't there anymore.
    You have run off to search for me
    in a situation I could never believe.
    Still lost in the early vision of you
    I wish we could tell the world goodbye
    spread our melded minds and fly
    Are we close or are we subject to lies
    that hold us from each other, claiming joy.
    After take off our wings always seem to fold
    and we begin tumbling, now all alone
    only to wake and find,
    that we are out of time.