• Part 1

    "I don't blame you"
    He wrote in his blood
    "It's not your fault"
    He said as the needle dragged across his skin
    "It's ok"
    He believed as the needle punctured his flesh
    "Don't worry"
    He thought as his high hit
    "I'll be alright"
    He wished as the venom took control
    "Please don't cry"
    He hoped as his eyes began to close
    "I love you!"
    He screamed as his mouth dried
    "And I regret nothing"
    He promised as cold fingers of death embraced him

    Part 2

    "I'm to blame"
    She screamed in her head
    "It's all my fault"
    She seethed, punching the wall
    "It will never be ok"
    She cried as the demons raged in her head
    "Worry grips me"
    She felt as pain tore her heart
    "It won't be the same"
    She pleaded as her blood boiled
    "I can't stop the tears"
    She sighed as the whiskey burned her throat
    "I hate you!"
    She swore as her sanity broke
    "I regret everything"
    She thought as her body crumpled to the ground