• I earned that smile
    I wrote this for you
    What did I do that for?
    You’re my favourite lost cause

    Oh no, it’s this again
    "No, not him, he’s just a friend"
    Forever the sounds that come
    The sounds I fear to hear

    It’s not so bad
    Just default these days
    If it’s not up it's down
    There’s no floating around
    You keep making me feel sorry
    Should I apologise

    Her twisting form
    Contrasts a light all of her own
    A new shadow born
    To watch from the other side
    A deep affection shown
    For all she gets around to see
    All of this is just fine

    Well I’m not quite that rich doctor
    That you’ve been looking for
    And keeping a foot in every open door
    With something promising inside

    She chewed me up
    She spat me out
    A disappointing taste of what I have to give
    My personality has a lot to answer for
    The voice on the other side of my door
    "No, not him, he’s just a friend"