• Today i sit here on my bed.
    Thinking on how its going to end.
    It might be lonley that much is clear.
    Death is so close it is so near.
    I can feel it crawling down my spine.
    Constantly saying your mine your mine.
    I try to hide i try to run.
    But it hurts so much just like a gun.
    It catches up and knoks me down.
    It doesnt care if i smile or frown.
    I look right up into its eyes.
    It tells me to say goodbyes.
    So i stand back up full of fear.
    I know can see my death is near.
    So i say goodbye to all my freinds.
    Goodbye goodluck thats how it ends.
    So know im gone its finally done.
    You can move on goodluck have fun.