• Did You hear about that man named Bob,
    Who finally got a job?

    So he could have some money,
    And buy something for his honey

    He bought the special gift, and held it in his hand
    As he Hoped everything, would go as planned

    When he was leaving from work, he felt the moment was right
    But when he came home, he was in fright

    His Honey,
    Bought the same gift, with her money

    The money she made from her job,
    Selling corn on the cob

    She bought a special gift too
    And said, "It's especially for you"

    As the love filled the room, the waterfalls drowned their eyes
    Then the two lovers, came to realize

    That the special gifts bought,
    Filled with endless care and thought

    Were bought, to win the others heart
    But as their love drowned them, they knew they won them from the start.