• Run and hide but what do you intend to find?
    You can't find peace because you are too hateful,
    You live inside your regret, your resentment.
    Your hate is what drives you to hurt them, but yet you truly don't wish to.

    People take what they merely think they want,
    And more often than not, it's not what they want at all
    Hope has faded and withered, so those who want to be free,
    Are the ones who allow themselves to become enslaved

    You try and try to get by with the pain,
    Coping in the worst ways possible but it's what you think you want,
    You don't know what you want in all reality.

    You try one thing and then decide you want it's polar opposites,
    You end up giving up and settling with something more,
    Than words can say.

    Expressing your benevolence escapes you just as your soul drifts away,
    You try to pull it back,
    You filter it through with the drugs, alcohol, pills
    And yet nothing works.

    Your desires are real, but your mind wants the wrong things,
    You think you want something,
    Because your mind tells you it will help,
    But it is of course, against your hearts desire.

    So chill your burning flames,
    Breathe in and realize,
    That the hiding has to end,
    And you have to find yourself someday.

    Hiding under your pain, letting it envelop your being,
    Will make you a tarnished picture inside a broken frame,
    Only hanging onto the wall it's posted on by a mere millimeter,
    Just ready to fall off whenever pushed harder.

    Stop your devastating pain,
    Because only you can,
    And your desire will be the only thing that could possible save you.
    Remember your promises, because those will keep you alive.