• I'm wearing this little blue dress,
    I got it because I thought you might like it,
    it's short and bright,
    I'm kinda uncomfortable in it...
    But the way you looked at me...
    Like you wanted me,
    like I was good enough for YOU to want,
    I like that,
    so I wear it,
    and I stay around you...
    I'm upstairs with you,
    collecting tickets,
    your hand's on my leg,
    it makes me happy...
    You acting like you like me,
    it makes me happy,
    you ask if I want to go outside with you,
    you need a smoke,
    I like to be around you,
    even if you are smoking,
    so I go outside with you,
    no shoes,
    no sleeves,
    in the middle of February...
    The 13th,
    I'm cold,
    so you pull me against you,
    you're so warm...
    I feel so safe in your arms,
    but I know you don't want me...
    No you want the hot girl in the little blue dress,
    but it makes me happy anyway,
    just the thought,
    you care enough to loan me some heat,
    when all I feel is cold,
    that one simple gesture,
    that one simple act,
    it made me love you,
    it made me feel loved and wanted,
    it made me happy.
    I thank that little blue dress,
    I love that little blue dress,
    it showed me your heat,
    your care and love,
    it showed me you weren't all scary and cool,
    like I had thought you were,
    it showed me I love you,
    when you are the true you...
    It showed me another side of you,
    but maybe that wasn't the blue dress,
    Maybe that was me,
    being struck by you,
    so smart,
    so cool,
    so nice,
    but you were also so scary I couldn't get near you,
    you scared me,
    but the way you looked at me,
    wearing that little blue dress,
    it made me feel special,
    so I got over my fear.