• Memories are what I have
    When your no longer inches away

    Memories are meant to be treasured
    Not to dwell upon so often

    And in my memories

    I see your smile
    That last smile

    I feel your touch
    That last hug, last kiss, and last moment

    I hear your voice
    Singing my song
    Singing our song
    That last song

    And I wanna sing along
    Bu then it sinks in
    Your too far

    Memories are the unforgotten
    The happiest
    The saddest
    The beautifulest

    Key to what awaits
    Key to success
    Key to what's hidden
    Deep in my heart

    Lying on my bed, I remember
    Like a flashback, A movie
    My memories are shown

    Makes me laugh
    Makes me cry
    Makes me the feel
    The unbelievable

    Life is unfair, I know
    And you gotta move on
    But no one said you have to forget

    Is this right?
    I don't know

    But I'll feel the pain to feel the joy
    I'll feel the joy and await the pain

    I smile today because I know
    However far, your still here
    Forever in my heart
    Forever in my soul
    Forever deep in my
    Memories heart