• Time had traded places with eternity,
    The night you sli8pped away,
    From the security of many arms,
    And into the Reaper's embrace.

    At first, I was confused,
    My breath had been taken away.
    The screams were in my throat,
    But they could not escape.

    I fell to my knees,
    And raised my fists up high.
    I cursed with abomination,
    As fire pierced the pupils of my eyes.

    "How could you do this?"
    I screamed at the sky,
    Knowing he could hear me,
    And seeing the hate inside.

    The night you were taken,
    I lost a piece of my heart.
    The rest eventually turned to ash,
    And my sanity fell apart.

    Am I forsaken so,
    That he would punish me,
    By taking those I love,
    And casting them beneath,

    I would spend an eternity in Hell,
    Just to see you again,
    And beg the one above,
    To bring me back, my friends.