Preach the clock each second fades.
    Frail locks break from hacking spades.
    Pray to God the bars will hold.
    Riches fail like bars of gold!

    Twelve seconds call my fate!
    (These moments are what I hate)
    Too many times I land too late.
    Now ten seconds call my fate!

    Oh hell the chime will toll.

    My desecration,
    my fornication,
    come back to haunt me.

    A broken man I will not be,
    the barrel’s what I plan to see.

    Trudging through the broken bodies,
    rich men with the oddities.
    Doesn’t matter, we’re all together,
    when death makes the final call.

    Forming floods with rushing blood,
    Eight seconds lapse,
    the walls collapse!

    Empty shells ring dulling bells,
    cacophony shakes nine burning hells!

    Oh hell the chime will toll.

    Six seconds call their fate!
    (These moments are what I hate)
    This time I won’t be late!
    Now four seconds call their fate!

    Enters now a fattened pig.
    (Too bad he won’t die a heart attack)
    His grave is what the servants dig.
    Here comes the starving pack!

    My desecration,
    my fornication,
    come back to help me!

    What are all these bounded girls,
    Chained and strung like polished pearls?

    So now three seconds call their fate!
    Came abound far too late,
    but hungry dogs still take the bait.
    Now two seconds call their fate!

    I’m a demon of howling calls!
    Here they come, they reach their fall!

    (In this place of crying angels)
    (Far from the seven holy lands)
    (Brand the damned with scorching bangles)
    (Left with naught but crippled hands)

    One second call their fate!
    (The screaming now just won’t abate)
    I will never be too late!
    Zero seconds bring their fate!

    Oh twisted ones come crashing down,
    nothing but a gnarly crown.
    My wings thrash the night,
    as all the free take their flight.