• My facial hair has grown
    I had more important things to do then shave
    I keep running my hand threw my hair
    As if the mop on my head would push thoughts away
    It's time for us to grow up
    The concept is childish and the words are bland
    So hard to push myself in the right direction
    I've been told to hurry up and wait
    Told to rev my old busted engine
    Then rust in the rain
    As long as it runs
    As long as it can go
    I guess it really doesn't matter
    I'll make it
    The colors may turn brown and gray
    I may become mediocre
    A rugged version of commonplace
    Then again I already look close enough
    Surprising I haven't found addiction
    A mellow to tie me to
    As I grow up
    I don't know much anymore
    But reason started to show
    If only for one misted thought
    I squeeze my eyes shut
    How am I suppose to know
    What I'm talking about anyway
    That's what my friends are for
    How am I suppose to know what I'm good at
    My girlfriend tells me
    I should write a list around her
    Maybe then I'd understand
    Why I feel like a nuisance