• Past retentions, LOST.
    Just like that, flushed away
    And mixed with regret.

    A childhood that burns behind,
    An indecisive and uncertain path of a shadow –
    Mere sketch of a personality that cannot be
    Realized to its upmost point in space-time.

    So, deeply await,
    For the climax that starts forming quietly,
    Knocking at the doors of despair, rioting
    Against the small remnants of steroids left.

    Just like that,
    A rebellious child, incomplete teenager,
    An adult innocence, mature and incoherent
    Pieces of an irrational puzzle, missing.

    Screaming and uttering for a revolution in this world,
    When in fact should be seeking an upheaval against self.
    An infant crying inside a grown-up’s mind and body.

    Why, Time?
    Why can’t I go back? Why can’t I try to find the missing pieces?
    Will I be thus fated to live in an incomplete logic and being?

    It’s not the pieces that are missing,
    Just the glue that holds them together – emotion.