• Upon the hill there stands alone
    A dark and grim manor abode
    Forgotten, forbidding it calls to thee
    Thus on Hallows night we enter three

    Lightning crackles and thunder peals
    An old dog howls and a small girl squeals
    Yet into the manor we three must go
    To face an old and powerful foe

    Upon the stoop we hesitate
    "Turn back now! It’s not too late!"
    Oh how we wish’d we had learn'd
    Not to go where the heart don't yearn

    The door slams shut - too late now
    The silence heavy and oh so loud
    The darkness thickens even more
    What horrors lay beyond the door?

    The handle turns, it opens in
    The den of this eternal sin
    We turn to run, but cannot move
    It drags us into its lonely tomb

    They soon found us, within a day
    But what we saw, we dare not say
    Our sallow skin, our sunken eyes
    We tell no truths, we tell no lies...

    That foul night forever chang'd me
    I am but one mind to house us three
    In that manor dark and grim
    Fear doth sing a haunting hymn.