• Why did I have to pull out THIS book?

    Why couldn’t I have found a normal book? i could have just scanned a plain old book, absorbing nothing. Why not?

    It just had to be this one. Even its cover fascinates me.

    Staring at the hard-bound book, not even attempting to read yet. I gaze lovingly at the Chinese pagodas and beautiful flowers.

    Just the binding drew me in. And now, I've read every page, but its not nearly complete. You stopped writing, whereas I won't.

    You stopped caring, whereas I never will. I will keep loving.

    You gave up and now you never show ANY real emotions. You became a shell of a man.

    You became the cover of an empty book. you're just begging to have a story, to become the hero.

    But now, its too late. When you passed this book along to me, I didn’t know it, but I became the one to live out this story. I became the hero.

    So I shall live, learn and love as I see fit. And I shall be the hero of this empty book. My life is now the plot. My family and friends, are the cast. None of which are minor characters.

    Each and every one of you shall accompany me on a life’s journey.

    I shall be the hero, author of the story of our lives.

    I'll take over. But now, I make the rules. My life, my story.