• Like a wild animal, I was unwanted
    Poor and lonely, I was once those
    The morning dew that shines my skin
    Almost felt like the fall of a Winter rose

    The grass is so soft
    I have lost what I've once known
    Everything I was forced to go through
    One day, I will be back full-grown

    Feels like many years have passed
    No sign of the light
    There I am, a wild animal
    I can't take the path on the left; what's on the right?

    So sad I am today
    I fear of a short life span
    If I don't do something now
    I'll never mature like a man

    Then, someone sought me out
    Quite worried, to say the least
    At last, I began to fully understand nature
    I'm starting to improve, man and beast

    Walking on two legs for the first time
    I'm guided by him
    It's been so long since we last met
    For the first time, I would like the scent of fresh whim.

    For the first time, light shines upon me
    I feel weak no more
    The dew covering my skin finally dries
    My head is no longer sore

    At last, my sanity is finally restored
    Everything I once lost finally came back to me.
    No longer shall I be cast out
    It'll be my very first time enjoying actual nature, in which to see.