• The life in his eyes it seemed so clear,
    with his family gone he had no fear.
    He tackled the leader into the lift.
    The gears were turning,
    it was time for the shift.

    The enemy was scared, this was a first.
    They were waiting for the ground to suddenly burst.

    With blazing white eyes,
    Dyrus had spoke his last and only words
    "you filled my heart with lead leaving me for dead. Now I'm here to deliver this bullet directly to your head."
    All this being said as they were lifted toward the sky.
    He pulled the trigger, and the enemy quickly died.
    Dyrus put the gun down and looked to the clouds.
    As an angel softley spoke " you've made me proud."

    This war was over he could finally go home.
    His eyes faded black and there bodies were thrown.