• Blood,
    and pain.
    and tears.

    They suffer so we may not,
    They die so we may live.
    They lay wasting in the muck,
    Our brave sons of war.

    For government,
    and country.
    For love,
    and peace.

    They wake in their morn,
    Wondering if today is their last,
    As they fight for what they love,
    Our brave sons of war.

    and elements.
    and exhaustion.

    Struggling against the enemies,
    Pushing back with everything that they are.
    Spirits never wavering in the fight,
    Our brave sons of war.

    and limbs.
    and blank eyes.

    Casualties in the fight for peace,
    The sacrifice they give willingly.
    Now they lay and wait to go home,
    Our brave sons of war.

    in a closed box.
    no more.

    One last time their loved ones see them,
    Through the parted gape of the coffin.
    As they are lowered to the cold earth,
    Our brave sons of war.