• If ever there were some,
    No - if ever there was one,
    Person in this world who could say

    What we were meant to do,
    In somebody's shoes
    If you wanted to just run away.

    When Abigail was young
    She always bit her tongue
    before she could say what she meant.

    She knew they wouldn't hear
    They thought she'd disappear
    Her heart became broken and bent.

    And through the years
    She's held back all her tears.

    Well, Abigail grew old,
    Her story I have told
    To many a man on the way.

    She never could erase
    The lines upon her face
    That tell of the years he went away.

    He never did play nice
    Always rolled the dice
    As if he was betting it all.

    When in reality
    Everyone could see
    He was hiding behind a brick wall.

    And through the years
    He's always hidden from his fears.


    If ever there were two
    Perfect strangers who
    Were meant for each other at all

    This would be the guy
    Who should've asked her why
    She stands right back up when she falls...

    She always gets up
    She always gets up
    Always gets up when she falls.