The stars have climbed above the clouds,
    To join the moon and Sun,
    For fear of human errs and quells
    And fear of things undone.

    The sun burns hot to keep us in, --
    To keep us well away.
    To our awful agitation, --
    Our hearts, they doth decay.

    Though wind and rain and hail have come, --
    And never do they cease --
    We see this living hell comes from
    A foul, unpleasant Beast.

    A Beast which never needs to sleep,
    From us, it doth acquire;
    From fear it gains its energy, --
    So never will it tire.

    On and on and on it goes
    In this horrid, bloody way.
    To the sky we cry our woes;
    The Beast is here to stay.

    Within each one a little Beast
    sleeps deep inside the soul.
    Waiting, watching for a time
    In which it needs to grow.

    Though perhaps this seems untrue,
    You must believe my lies.
    For I believe that you must know
    the Beast can always rise.