• Why are you scared, bird-friendly?
    Why are your eyes fixed on me?
    I do not intend, poor bird,
    take your nest away. "

    Here in the hollow of hard stone
    quiet one I saw in passing
    and bring flowers on the plain
    free to adorn your home.

    But look at me and tremble,
    and the wing bats with concern
    and you stand, determined, sometimes
    with loving care.

    Because I do not know to what extent
    innocence I know respect,
    that is, for the gentle soul, sacred
    love your home free.

    Poor little bird! Go back to your nest
    while the meadow I lay me;
    in him my hand soft bed
    leaves and flowers you prepared.

    But if your future offspring tender
    I look hard bed in passing,
    with flowers and leaves of the plain
    let them adorn your home free.