• To know that when you wake up,
    I won't.
    And when you're out with your friends,
    I'm sitting alone in my bed.
    While you're smiling and laughing at everyone's jokes,
    I'll be sobbing in bed at my own stupidity.
    While you are thinking of what you're doing tomorrow,
    I'll be thinking of you.
    When you're happy,
    I'm sad,
    When you're having fun,
    I'll be miserable.
    And I know you said it was because of how far apart we are right now,
    But I know what you meant.
    You don't need to lie anymore.
    I know that loving me had to be hard.
    But I can't stop loving you.
    No matter how hard I try,
    No matter how many times I try telling myself;
    "It was too good to be true."
    To know a guy like you actually...
    loved me.
    I guess I'm one you could pity.
    One, that... that you could feel sorrow for.
    But you won't.
    Because, you are one who people lean on,
    And then are hurt by.
    I don't want you hurting yourself.
    Don't do anything stupid.
    Because whatever you do, I will.
    If you hurt yourself, you're hurting me.
    If you kill yourself, you're killing me.
    I can't live without you.
    Closer than a friend,
    Much more than love.
    You were with me through rough times.
    And I was with you.
    I know you will have battlescars.
    From... this war..
    But don't forget that you won.
    You took the alternate ending.
    Instead of "Happily Ever After",
    You got to pick your own ending.

    I was in bed until 12:30 pm today, trying to cry.
    Thinking of you.
    Wondering what I did.
    I can't take this pain anymore...
    I can't live without knowing you...
    I can't smile when we're apart...
    Cry when I'm sad...
    Dance when I hear music...
    Laugh at my friend's jokes...

    My heart is on fire...
    It's burning...
    Crumbling to pieces...
    As my own self-respect is ripping itself apart,
    Because I'm trying to figure out;
    "What is wrong with me?"