• Sick with regret, you sputter out.
    Unsaid words freeze on your lips
    As she stalks away from your bedside.

    Her lily skin and lightning eyes,
    An aloof gaze that chills the spine,
    As she turns and glares over glasses.

    Rosebud lips speak cold words
    You feel inside like you’ve been cursed.
    Then her stance softens and she returns.

    Kneeling now her face inches away,
    You notice for the first time
    The tears you have made her spill.

    “I love you still, even if they do not.”
    Her words are gentle and your resolve crumbles
    As you promise to recover from this depression.

    Rosebud lips crack a smile
    That reaches lightning eyes, flushes lily skin
    Her hand rests gently on your shoulder thin.

    “I promised first,” her words begin
    “For better or worse. With all of my love,
    Until death do us part as it is cursed.

    Fear not the troubles to come,
    We’ve seen many before and our love
    Will help us battle this one.”

    Lightning eyes, quick to gauge,
    All your sorrow, all your pain
    An ocean of strength when you have none.