• Don't take him lightly
    He'll take your life
    He's sure to come nightly
    To cause you strife

    I try to run
    But I cannot
    As the soul of death
    Cannot be fought

    He grabs my ankle
    To make me fall
    As Insanity claims me
    A mistake on my call

    He's malicious
    I must remember
    For him being vicious
    Gives me a short temper

    The feeling of hitting the floor
    Someone could've been over protective
    Afterwards I feel so sore
    Just completely defective

    He'll memorize your face
    Like a new discovery
    Find your hiding place
    Then bring on the suffering

    He made me insane
    Death is my new forte
    I'm completely deranged
    Add that to your dismay

    He's ready for a hunt
    Bring on the fiery
    He'll get past any stunt
    I can't live through this treachery

    Dont take death lightly
    He took my life
    Insanely and slightly
    His ease with a knife