• It's feels like falling
    It's feels like dying
    all the propers things
    all the useless things.

    I'm walking in a dead world
    I'm surrounding to the crowd.

    Why I live?
    Why I walk?
    Why I love?
    Why I Hate?
    Why my hearts keeps
    pouring,If at least
    is of no use?.

    Why I'm willing to survive?
    All the things that were just pure
    now are corrupted by a sea.

    What sea? The sea of the ignorance
    the sea of the intolerant, the sea
    of the tyrant, the sea of the
    false gentlmeman!

    They give their hands,
    but they cut your ams.
    Willing to escape,
    of that nightmare edge,
    You throw your life apart
    and fall in the endless night.