• We were sittin by the pond at dawn
    You were used to being alone
    But now it’s all coo boo
    Cause now I’ve got chu
    And I ain’t gona leave you like all the others do
    But I hope you know how much I love ya babe
    Because it’s just me an you sittin by the pond at dawn
    Waiting for something to happen even though we know we gota move to get something started
    And as much as I would love to take you out girl
    You ain’t got the courage, the heart
    To fall in love and take a chance at meetin the one you love
    So here I sit
    Waiting for you to take my hand
    But chu don’t even look my way
    You ask me why I try
    And it’s all because I’m in love with chu girl
    I ain’t the same no more since I met cha girl
    And I would love to have you just for a day
    So that I could make you fall for me too
    Then we could be sittin by the pond at dawn
    Finding more ways to love each other girl
    Finding more things to love about cha girl
    Hoping that you love me too boo
    And hopin that you’ll follow through with your lovin me
    Cause I’m crazy in love with ya girl
    And I wouldn’t want it any other way
    Cause you da one I want to make life long memories with
    So tell me girl
    Do you remember the time?
    You were sittin by pond at dawn
    You were used to being alone
    But it’s all coo boo
    Now that I’ve got chu