• My parents yell
    They scream so loud
    I don’t know how
    They still make sound

    It’s at each other
    Not at me
    I feel like crying
    I wish you could see

    This affects me greatly
    But they don’t know
    Each time they scream
    I just want to go

    They say they don’t fight
    That often at least
    But they don’t realize
    I hear it in my sleep

    I know what happens
    When they close the door
    The shouts are just silent
    So I don’t hear the roar

    When they think I’m sleeping
    Of course I am not
    How would I know then
    What I have got

    I need information
    Something that will help
    Get me to find out
    Without hearing a yelp

    I have to do something
    So I do what I can
    I ease drop to hear
    And start to make a plan

    Not much more
    Can I do now
    Just have to sit here
    And deal with this somehow