• my love for you, is like a rose
    so full of life as each petal grows
    but each petal bigger than the last
    growing stronger than the past
    but each petal has its own story
    to be a part of the morning glory.
    like us they stay strong
    flowing so easily like a beautiful song
    but each rose has its thorns
    like a raging bull with sharp horns
    but even then the beauty is still there
    because our thorns is something we share
    and after everything we went threw
    i want you to know that ill always love you.
    with each thorn and petal
    around you my heart never wants to settle
    maybe its just me
    but i want you to finally see
    that our love is like a rose still growing
    some day it will be full blooming
    but till that day finally arrives
    then we will surely be together for the rest of our lives
    our love is like the rose
    every day it will always grow.