• Dost thou see the hate in his eyes?
    She fell for him, like every girl that survives.
    He tortures them like slaves
    And 'ts like he's digging their graves...

    Prithee, help her out,
    No longer can she shout
    For her safety, he made her mute
    And beat her for her loot.

    If I try to go he'll beat me too
    Because I survived like very few...
    He hurts every girl who comes near,
    Especially the ones who do not fear.

    Thou art her true love, are ye not?
    Or are ye just someone who is bought
    By the master of that house?
    Thou art a rat! Not a mouse.

    Thou lied to my sister and sold her out
    Like someone who is selling a trout!
    I'll kill thee for thy devil's work
    With my father's pitchfork!

    He'll kill her soon if I don't do something,
    But what to do? I need to start thinking...
    I'll poison or strangle him but I don't know how.
    I'm sorry sister please forgive me now...

    I love you and please do not fret,
    Thou dearest sister just see the help I get...
    I couldn't findst any help for her
    And I feel terrible that she is a goner...

    My heart was racing as this happened
    I'm filled with guilt because he fastened
    A noose around her neck and was hung...
    No one could help my sister, no one could have even known how bad it stung...