• Dot Dot Curve, Spanky – Spanky.[/b
    ]These bands got me crazy
    Don't stop, get it get it.
    I put my faith in it.

    Brokencyde, blessthefall
    you should know 'em all

    can't you hear me?!
    This is what got us started
    throw up your rawkfist and get down with this

    Thousand Foot Krutch, TFK
    if you may
    let me state
    this lust of music
    nothing cant take it
    not even break it
    this is what got us started

    Abandon All Ships
    I put down my chips
    with the bet, of my life
    playing cards with death
    hell, I can laugh at it!

    Hollywood Undead
    of course, you heard what I said
    all those S.O.B.s
    they all want to talk to me
    well I should say us!
    If it wasn't for them, this would all be a bust
    this is what got us started

    As if you care
    - you better
    for the crap you listen to
    we could sing it better
    harder better faster stronger
    we can always make it longer
    now for the last
    for the best
    this is what got us started

    Linkin Park

    like Noah's arch
    it saved this population
    from sure damnation

    BVB, or Black Veil Brides
    whatever, whoever decides
    when we party
    or when we show
    but all I know
    this is the band for sure

    Escape the Fate, Bullet

    yeah, you know we went through with it
    so now you see it
    this is our life
    this is what got us started