• They say loyalty is a trait deserved.
    I say it's something that must be earned.
    Not to break my heart I'd urged.
    Yet I still burned.

    Betrayal, isn't it cold?
    Isn't it a sin that's rampaged for centuries and become old?
    Life is meaningless without trust,
    And your treachery was that of love....or was it lust?

    The soul is hidden behind the eyes.
    Tell me, why is it that you hide?
    Why did you tell me such lies?
    You didn't need to make me cry.

    The pleasures of the flesh I've never known.
    Since we were together, it was only right I save myself for you, for your throne.
    It's too bad that in faithfulness, you failed.
    Maybe it's true that loyalty begets betrayal.

    I rode our ups and downs.
    I made my heart your crown.
    You killed my body with your actions.
    Now my spirit lingers just beyond, the soul never knowing satisfaction.

    Memento mori amore.