• Screams. Never ending screams. They echo through my dreams, making the most pleasant a nightmare.
    Impossibility, is impossible. The End will never come for me. The burning cold is overwhelming. My battle has long been lost. My body is somewhere, oceans away. The pain, oh the glorified, immortal pain, will not stop.

    Help me.

    No one answers my pleads, they do not hear my mental wailing. Reality has faded, the continuous flow of pain has replaced it.

    Save me.

    Brightness hurts, the Sun tries to awaken, it fails, millions of times, it tries.
    Darkness, the child of light proves to great for a single mere Sun.


    I hear it now, it is within my touch. My body is moving, squirming, screaming with my pleas.
    They can hear me.

    Kill me.

    Hands, thousands of hands. Warm, cold, clammy fingers caress my skin.
    The Suns. No longer is there just one.
    The light is winning.
    The pain is growing.

    Kill me.

    The painful cold is gone, replaced by Heat. Scorching, burning, Heat. I long for the cold. The sun is too great. The pain is a fire, licking at my mind.

    Hear me.

    Why do they not answer me, my voice has gone hoarse.
    Make it end.
    My voice holds no authority.
    The fire has won. My body holds no hope for the end. My mind has given in. No noise or thoughts come to me now.

    Pain is my Song.

    Pain is my Peace.

    Pain is my Reality.