• See you from across the room
    your wondrous beauty in full bloom
    I stop and stare with eyes of fire
    but you ignore my growing desire

    But when i ignore you the chase is on
    my distracted gaze is where your drawn
    You give me that hungry gaze
    so much fire in them I'm amazed....
    the young beauty before me so small and frail
    Can stare me down and make me pale

    Eyes of pure forests wonder
    Majestic as a towering oak
    against Eyes that glow like flame
    sunlight over the growing mountain peak

    Let me set your forests alight
    Let me burn away that evergreen canopy
    that hides the real you inside

    in turn ill let you see the beast behind the fire
    or the beast that is the fire

    But for now lets play our game
    I have no problem with waiting...