• I am sick of feeling this
    I am sick of being told what I am
    I am sick of not being able to find out what I really am
    Their smiles are too wide
    Their laughter is too loud
    Their words are too hurtful
    Why won't they be quiet?
    They can't see the tears burning under my eyes
    I asked mom what to do
    She told me to listen to God
    I asked dad what to do
    He answered with apologies
    I blame it on all of you
    I hate all of you
    I do not care for friends
    Yet, all I want is friends
    I want to be loved
    The gun is too close
    It was always placed in a overloaded pocket of feelings
    Shouldn't I do what everyone tells me to?
    Maybe, they'll realize they're wrong when I'm gone
    Will they miss me?
    Are they lying when they say they'd be thrilled?
    Why do you hate me?
    Why can't you understand me?
    I can find my life story
    And give it to you to read
    Will that help you?
    Will that make the laughter leave?
    I just want to be accepted
    Maybe, I'll be accepted where God lives
    Maybe, God will love me
    Maybe, I can accept myself with wings
    Because I am not rising
    I am sinking
    Into a pit of self hate
    Into a pit of your hate
    I hate me
    You hate me
    I hate you
    I want you
    Pull the trigger
    So it can all end