• A beauty known across the land,
    A woman for whom men have made a stand,
    A form with no flaw or lack thereof,
    Carrying the traits and blessings of the Gods above.

    It is the "face that launched 1,000 ships",
    With lucid eyes and cherry lips,
    A prize of Troy and mighty Greece,
    Her hair a flowing Golden Fleece.

    She is perfect in the eyes of every soul,
    Briseis' features are all but coal.
    Yet the divinity of her beauty is beyond detail,
    So that when we imagine her,we always fail.

    Oh Helen,the beautiful,a wonder of the earth,
    the Kleos of a hero would not equal your worth;
    If but for a heartbeat you would reveal your form,
    A new model for our race's aspiration would be born.