• Dearest depression,
    Why must you be; so welcoming?

    A sentence of solitude,
    A plunging into an endless darkness,

    Softly smothering me,
    Taking over my soul and leaving empty my body,

    And I'm giving in to your embrace,
    As you wrap me too tightly in the black of your lace,

    My stare is unbroken and my expression is blank,
    My soul is tortured; taken captive with hate,

    Why must you plunge me into a sea of bleakness,
    Steal my gorgeous soul and infect it with secrets?

    Throw me down a flight of stairs,
    Break my self-worth and leave it unrepaired,

    Dearest depression; Why must you leave me scared?
    Angry and sobbing; Alone with no one else home,

    Dearest depression; I do not regret
    To tell you that tonight I am all right; Tonight I'm fine,
    No longer can you burn me with your fires, for I am cocooned in golden light,
    I have solved this endless plight; And I stand taller now, as I have won this fight.
    <space> </space> heart heart heart heart