• I love you, you love me, we continue to live like this.
    Who would of knew we would end like this?
    My love for you, was just a waste, a bitter taste.

    Who would of knew this sour taste?
    A new love is made, but then it's fade.
    Feel the pain in the rain,
    like the thorns on roses.

    So painful, yet beautiful.
    Your love was sweet,
    but not as sweet.

    You can't handle love, you fade like a candle's flame.
    You earned my trust, but it turned to dust.
    Thought you were the one, but you're just one other.

    Forever love doesn't exist, nothing is forever after,
    everything was built to wilt.
    Nothing ever was built to last.

    Love is sweet, but also bitter.
    That is what it's called,

    Bitter, Sweet, Love.
    heart heart heart