• Beauty defined among the lips of another
    My heart remains a string among the puppets
    Whispers come unlodged from the depths of my soul
    My eyes weep from the memory of you

    Golden trinkets are sewn into my mind
    Flowers embraced in honey with almonds drenched in lime
    Windows are cast upon my soul
    Green, and blue and green and blue and green

    Needles stab my flesh
    But the agony I feel
    Is much deeper within

    Gunshots blast, and screams withheld
    A body fallen among the concrete
    Without a tale

    The beauty of that body was everything I knew
    And now among these jackets, all I see is blue green blue green blue

    Bodies fell around me
    No one left the grim
    Tattoos among their shoulders
    Brotherhood no longer
    Does that mean I win?

    Winning is revenge
    Failure a curse sent by fate
    Your life was brought by my failure
    My failure to keep you safe

    Now your among the roses
    Hopping among the clowds
    And if anyone says otherwise
    They'll meet the misty grounds

    I miss you my dear Angel
    The one that kept me sane
    Soon I will be with you
    Just wait for me one more day