• Born from the edge of ditches
    Raised by someone else
    I know the world around me
    But you don't stand a chance

    Look around your castle
    The walls built by sand
    Tell me your unhappy
    That you never had a chance

    There are no walls around me
    Not even weary sand
    All I have to comfort me
    Is the thought that it will end
    ...but not by my own hand.

    Before I die I'll be known
    From every part of land
    As the woman who knew her past
    And fought it 'til the end

    They'll know me for my courage
    For working so damn hard
    While you cry among your riches
    Spewing sob stories as you walk

    I'll do my best to be better
    Even if it takes my entire life
    Just so long as I try
    I won't regret