• Do what can be done.
    Feel what can be felt.
    The crave. The must.
    The form. The dance.
    Remove this fold from my eyes,
    if your hands are bound I'll untie.
    In step. In time.
    In bind. In crime.
    Swim in this situation,
    if only for a moment.
    What want? What tale?
    What end? What drive?
    I cannot see what's right,
    yet am forced now to lead.
    By touch. By dream.
    By hope. By scene.
    Let the ballroom be destroyed,
    another built with the same tool.
    This need. This hint.
    This day. This scent.
    Advances and retreats
    the warring of our lives,
    they should all be seen
    in the paths we leave.
    Such design! Such skill!
    Such bloom! Such thrill!
    We'll improvise and practice
    to perfect this elusive art.
    By hand. By breath.
    By mind. By heart.
    Woven from our storming souls
    eternal screen of Duality's Waltz.