• Im young,
    I had something special.
    but today I shall be a hero
    I stand here, prepared for anything.
    I stare into the Dark pools, no light reflecting
    Nor Hope that i shall arise from its Deepest of Depths.
    I remember the sun, I remember the faces.
    All of those, beautiful smiles.

    and even though I'm alone I am strong,
    and silhouettes of hands hold mine.

    I am young,
    Though I have nothing special
    I am brave. and today I shall die.
    I stand here, resolute Hero.
    and though the sky remains dark
    I can see the silver lining.

    I feel the victory of battle,
    the saddness of loss.
    The gray clouds are fading
    but the hearts of those I hold dear..
    are warm to me again.

    I am young,
    Though I was nothing special,
    I was brave, and after the sweet taste of victory
    I did die. I fought for everyone
    who was special to me.
    and in the end,
    I became their