• You feel the earth move
    Your innocence you tried to prove
    But you have lost
    Encased in hatred like a deep frost
    Now it crumbles
    Finally shattered
    Leaving you broken and battered
    family turned away
    When all you tried to say
    I love you
    Your heart it was they slew
    All now is left is anger
    Hearing your screams ring out
    In a clangor
    Cursing them without a doubt

    But you shall stand
    Weakness you shall shed
    For you have found solid land
    For have been dead
    But no more
    Today you yell
    Tonight you shout
    As they fell
    As we take them down with a bout
    Showing them open scorn
    because they left you forlorn

    But you have faced the dawn
    You survived the hell
    Now the angers gone
    youve heard the ringing of the bell
    Forgivness was not your gift
    But was vengeance